Date Night Well Overdue

This year, Valentine’s Day was very low key in our house. I got out of work late, cooked dinner for my two guys and myself, we gave Jack a bath and Chris went to play soccer. Just a normal everyday night. Chris had gotten me tickets to see Lisa Lampanelli on Saturday night, complete with dinner for two and a babysitter! PERFECTION!

For the remainder of the week, I looked forward to an evening alone with my love over a nice dinner followed by the Lisa Lampanelli show. (If you don’t know who Lisa Lampanelli is, immediately stop reading and type her name into Google. You’re welcome)

Saturday finally came and after running errands, cleaning and doing endless loads of wash, we dropped Jack off with the babysitter and off we went.

It was so wonderful to be able to talk to Chris, eat dinner while it was hot and not have to rush the bill because we were trying to beat it home for bedtime. I savored every bite of my caesar salad, pasta and the strawberry creme brulee. It was truly a wonderful night, and that was only dinner!!! Note to self: we need to do this more often!

The highlight of the night though, especially after the last few weeks of sadness, was seeing Lisa Lampanelli perform. Her side-splitting humor, delivery of jokes and her ability to say things in a way that are totally wrong was exactly what the doctor ordered. I laughed and laughed until I didn’t think that I could laugh any more. She put on such a wonderful show, and truly, if she is coming to a town near you, do yourself a favor and buy tickets. Our seats were 5 rows from the stage, and close enough to have spotlights on our row for her to see us, but a few rows far back enough that she wasn’t picking on us. It was wonderful!

I am so thankful for Chris for recognizing that we needed a night off and out to ourselves. He has always had a keen sense of when I needed something and I appreciate him so much for that. God must have been looking out for us the night that we met to ensure that I was lucky enough to have one of the wonderful guys.

Below is a photo of Lisa Lampanelli performing, which again was really the highlight of the night! Thank goodness for date night!



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