My mother has been up there with my father and the angels for three weeks now and has not wasted any time with helping to get our house sold! We had buried St. Anthony over a year ago, said the prayers, blessed the house with holy water…EVERYTHING to help bring in a buyer, and finally…we have gotten one, signed the initial papers and are on our way to settlement.

We are happy to move on and close this chapter in our lives, but the memories of all the wonderful things that have happened in the house all come flooding back. This was the first home that we have owned, the first one that we were engaged, married and brought a baby home to. So many wonderful milestones.

We had heard on Monday or Tuesday of this past week that we should be anticipating an offer from a buyer who was interested in the house. (There were 2 interested people) So, we played the waiting game to see when the official offer would come in.

On Wednesday evening, we finally got word from our Realtor that the offer was in and lower than asking. After several counter offers and two nail-biting hours, we finally came to an agreement on price and the contract. Chris was so excited bout the offer, he never went to sleep until 1am. Me on the other hand, I was excited, but now I take sleep how and when I can get it!

We filled out the paperwork to agree to the terms and everything on Friday night.

Sadly from working in real estate, getting and accepting the offer is the easy part. Much can fall apart from here on out. We anticipate that everything will work out, considering that the house should appraise just fine, and the house is only 8-9 years old, there shouldn’t be much of anything if there is an issue with the inspection. It is a long road to the settlement table, and now we just pray and hope that everyone’s ducks are in a row to get there.

Chris has already been on the hunt for the next house, but I don’t believe that we will be in there before the new bambino is born. Each house that we are finding on the Internet machine has many features or things that we are already not crazy for. We are looking for a short laundry list of must-have’s for the next house, considering that I loathe packing and moving and my plan is to be carried out of the next house in a box.

The process of packing up the entire house in Philly will begin next weekend. (Read: we have only brought clothes and toys with us when we headed north) Packing while pregnant doesn’t frighten me as much as it should but we are talking about hiring movers, getting quotes and maybe just having them do it all. The bonus? You can write off all moving costs over 75 miles from your previous home, and since we will be over 75 miles, the ENTIRE cost for moving will be included in our tax writeoff for 2012. Thank you, US Government.

I’m sure that this new adventure will be included in future posts, but we essentially have 2 months today (April 19) until we sit down at the settlement table. So exciting and stressful all at the same time. Just so thankful that we are finally at this point after waiting for 20 months. And the search and the packing begin!!




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