Strolling for Strollers

We have had quite the issue with strollers since Jack was born.  We originally loved the Chicco infant seat, which only came with the entire stroller set, which was great and easy to maneuver, but we never realized how much of our trunk space that it would eat up.

My Mom generously bought us the Bugaboo Cameleon, which is an awesome stroller for those who live in the city or somewhere again that you don’t need to think about trunk space as well.  And recently, after a bit of wear and tear on the hand brake of the stroller that we honestly RARELY use, we contacted Bugaboo to help with our sticky brake, and they dropped us like a bad habit and never helped us.  For a $1,000 stroller, the customer service is lacking, the stroller is bulky and not easy to pack up and bring along, and it didn’t and still doesn’t have a Chicco infant seat adapter.  However, this is my favorite stroller when we go to parks or anything that has terrain to go over.

Onto our third stroller, which is a BabyTrend stroller frame for the infant seat.  Fabulous stroller, folds quickly and easily and does not eat up valuable trunk space.  I adore this stroller and even though a friend or two have borrowed it for their children, it is still in brand-new condition!

As Jack grew and we no longer needed the infant seat, we decided that we needed an umbrella stroller.  Shopping we went with Jack in tow to truly get the feel of what we needed in a stroller.  We decided on the Maclaren Triumph, which has been phenominal thus far and is by far our favorite stroller.

So where is the issue?  It comes down to the fact that Jack is still not able to be completely trusted outside of a 5-point harness in crowds or in public yet, so we need a double stroller for both children.

In my search, I have looked for a lightweight stroller (for travel, mainly), something that folds with ease, is comfortable for the passenger, and allows us to fit more than just a jug of milk in the trunk.  If possible, I would prefer an in-line stroller, but am learning that I am not likely to find a stroller that fits all of my criteria and that is an in-line stroller.

So, once again, I come back to Maclaren.  My beloved Maclaren single stroller which has flown with us, been dragged through mud, Irish festivals, the city blocks in Brooklyn and Manhattan, subways… you name it, it has been there.

So I am checking into the double Triumph now as a possibility for a double stroller.  Any other suggestions for doubles?  I have heard about the City Mini, but not all that familiar with it.

We did stop by our local BRU and Babyage and neither have or carry the twin strollers in the store.  Any suggestions for double strollers are very welcome!

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