We are in Packing Hell/House Tour of Our Home in Philly

We spent the first weekend in March at the house in Philly going though different things, throwing away unnecessary items, pricing movers and loading up cardboard boxes.  A lot of it was memories of our previous life there and what life used to be like when we were living on the cul-de-sac.

Friends of ours stopped by between us taping up boxes and bringing out mementos to store away in our storage unit which made us realize even more how much we are really going to miss this house, let alone the wonderful friends that we made.

Packing up each room in the house also made us realize how much stuff that we have accumulated over the past 6 years and how much of it has been forgotten since moving north.

Jack tried to help with the packing and made sure that we got every last thing in the box before taping it closed and stacking it in neat piles for the movers.

Here is a little tour of our house in Philly before we began packing everything up:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope that the new homeowner enjoys our house as much as we did!


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