Checking Off of the List

Since we are now officially in the third trimester and the baby will be arriving in a mere 10 weeks (YIKES!), now is as good a time as any to try and finalize a more permanent home, get the baby clothes and the crib set up, and begin purchasing the items that we need before this little one arrives.  One major purchase can finally be crossed off the list.

After asking everyone who reads this blog and other friends who have already taken the plunge for two or three more children, we finally bought our new double stroller.  We decided on the Maclaren Twin Techno, which will really be able to suit our needs with its lightweight yet sturdy frame and its portability, which is great for our family on the go.

We had looked at a rental property a few weekends ago, but after seeing the amount of work needed on the house for the crazy amount of money that they asked for rent, we decided against it.  However, we are still checking out what is available and getting our ducks in a row to hopefully purchase another new house soon.

Our settlement was official on April 19, but I was able to complete the deed paperwork ahead of time so as to not get tied up in the paperwork and settlement mess in Philly.  My Realtor has the paperwork, the house was packed and the movers came and took everything on April 14.

Baby clothes and sleepers are purchased, the bassinet is back, Jack is sleeping in a big boy bed and trying to go on the potty all of the time and my maternity leave paperwork is completed and submitted.  It seems like a lot, but according to my To Do List, it is only a few of the minor things that have been crossed off the pre-new baby checklist.

This weekend, we will probably order diapers, begin organizing space for the new baby’s clothes and possibly installing the car seat.  32 weeks already!  Where does the time go?!

Jack officially went on the potty again yesterday, so we are keeping up with encouraging the potty, etc…  He is officially also in the Pampers Pull-ups and we bought some new big boy underwear.  Although the progress is slow, it would be WONDERFUL to not have two children in diapers.  I was cloth diapering for a long time, but since Jack’s school doesn’t allow them, much of our money goes to disposables each month.  And with two children in diapers…we will be spending about $100 a month!  We can absolutely afford it, but it is always better to  use the money for something else.

The house hunt continues and we will be meeting with a builder this morning since we can’t seem to find an existing home that we would like to buy.

We also decided on a name (FINALLY!) and our 32 week ultrasound to see our little guy will be on Monday!  🙂

Still awaiting a deal on the Hygeia EnJoye pump and my coveted Coddlelife glass bottles, but they will come with time, especially since the new little one won’t be going to daycare until September.

Although things are getting done, I can’t help but wonder if I am forgetting something or if there is something else that I should be doing?


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