32 Week Ultrasound

We were fortunate to get a peek this week at little Baby G2 as he continues to grow in my belly. As usual, our little calm and relaxed baby was just sleeping away and not letting much phase him as the ultrasound tech measured and printed pictures galore for us.

My hear hurt walking into this ultrasound as during my last ultrasound, a mere 3 months ago, my Mom was still alive and was awaiting the news that she was expecting another grandson.

I told Chris that I thought that my mother had a front row seat this time around and was giddy to see how our little June Bug was growing and maturing. My eyes immediately filled with tears as I thought of my mother in heaven beaming with pride over another wonderful bundle of joy.

As the ultrasound continued, she measured his head, took a look at his heart and measured his heartbeat (a perfect 139bpm) and then zoomed in on his little face. He was head down and completely content as he slept with his hands close to his face, which was exactly what Jack would do. And then she turned on the 4D imaging! I broke into tears as I looked at the screen and saw our little one who is identical to his big brother, Jack. Chris and I broke into laughter as we realized how similar the boys look and how there will probably not be an issue telling the two of them apart.

Following the measurements of his femur, checking to see that he is still a boy and making sure that he is growing, they put the data together to see how big he was. At this point, he is 4lbs, 10 ounces and is measuring 5 days AHEAD of his due date! Our little one is not so little this time around!

He is beautiful and healthy and that is all that we can wish for. Only a little less than 8 weeks until he arrives, and in the meantime, I plan to soak in all of the time that I can with Jack and Chris before the house gets a bit more hectic.

And of course, here is the picture of our little one sleeping away on Monday:



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