First Swim of the Season

On Saturday, Chris and I had plans to get so much done, after Chris was done golfing, but from 7:00am on, every plan that we had went to the wind as everything began to change.

Chris had planned to golf in the morning, but had to cancel to run to the doctors office.  I had planned to get a much needed pedicure (can’t reach my feet comfortably), but was home with Jack cleaning, doing the wash and trying to organize.

One thing that we did make a priority was to go out and buy a swimming pool for Jack.  We knew it would be hot and since Jack loves to be outdoors, a pool sounded like the perfect solution for an active and beautiful day outside.

Once he awoke from his nap (Daddy mowed the lawn, Mommy set up and cleaned the sand & water table and hosed down his house), he jumped into his swim trunks and off we went!

He is still ever so much the water baby that he has always been with trying to lay down in the water, splashing the dogs, pouring water over his head, playing with his toys and just having a wonderful time.

It makes my heart sing to see him enjoying something that he truly is excited about.  I’m absolutely sure that this pool will get a lot of use this summer!!

Oh and Rogan the lifeguard (the dog) was on constant watch on the side of the pool and would become hysterical if Jack splashed or became excited.  (I really should get it on video…)

Jack playing and Rogan “lifeguarding”




































“Rogie Baby, stop barking!”


















Water baby

One thought on “First Swim of the Season

  1. Just beautiful. Fun, fun, fun. I remember buying my son a similar pool when he was about your son’s age. We would all try to fit together including his mom. Wonderful memories. We just went to Palm Beach in Galveston yesterday. He looked so happy. Treasure each moment…

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