We Have Entered the Why Stage

We tried to ignore it a few weeks ago.  Answering or correcting Jack about something that he saw, and it happened.  “Why Mommy?”  Another response.  “Why?”  And it went on and on and on.

I’m not annoyed by this newfound curiosity, but it does get me thinking that our little two year old is growing up and heading into a new developmental phase.

Jack is also in the stage where he wants to do everything himself and is testing Chris and I to see how much he can get away with.  He loves to have an opportunity to tell the dogs what do do.  “Sit down, Bailey” can be heard all over the house.

He likes this newfound freedom and makes sure to let his presence and his thoughts known.

The occasional “Why?” will be followed up with several more “Why’s?” and then eventually concluded with “Oh!”

Sometimes I feel as if we are just ripping through these stages where he begins one and is finished before I know it.  Chris and I found ourselves discussing his start of preschool this winter as well.  Preschool.  Third birthday.  Big brother.  All are things that are making my first little baby more grown up each day.

He is also soaking up each bit of information that we give to him.  Typically, the information will come out during a conversation with friends or in public where he wants to know something or begins reciting his newest lesson in public.  He just cracks me up and brings me so much joy that I often feel that my heart will explode with all of the love that it has for this little boy.


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