Labor Frustrations

So, the all-important appointment with the OBGYN on Monday morning was somewhat of a bust.  I was an idiot and thought that the appointment was an hour earlier, and was hurried in by the nurse with Jack and Chris in tow as the Saab was still in the shop getting fixed.

Blood pressure?  Great!  It was something low, as it usually is.  Weight?  I’m only up 12lbs for the entire pregnancy, but still down from what my pre-pregnancy weight was.  Baby’s heartbeat?  Excellent and strong.  Belly measurement?  Still measuring big, but healthy.  Many more stretchmarks this time around.  Everything is perfect!!!!

Enter my doctor, who is quick to check me- and immediately, there is a page over the intercom: “Doc, Labor and Delivery- NOW!”  He apologizes, asks me to wait for him to return so we can talk and exits.  I’m thinking that he wants to talk to me about coming back to the hospital that night for an induction, etc…  So, Chris, Jack and I park it in the waiting room waiting for him to return for our talk.

About 15-20 minutes goes by and my doc comes back.  He calls for us to come back to talk and tells me that there are no changes from last week, but if there were, he would have sent me right to L&D.  Cue the urge to have a huge sobfest in the middle of the office.  So, after bribing him, (yes, I have no shame) he agreed to see me again on Thursday, and if there was more change, he would send me right to L&D.  If not, I would have an appointment on Monday, a day after my due date.  I begged him to reconsider and just send me now to L&D, and he said, “Don’t talk to me, talk to your cervix.”  My response?  “You need to talk to my cervix and get it to cooperate!!”  He laughed and said to try the wives tales before the appointment on Thursday.

So, to be honest, I was disappointed, especially since I thought that Friday night was THE night, and that all of those contractions would have done something, but oh well.

In the meantime, we have been walking a lot and trying to rev up contractions or at least dilation and effacement as best as we  can.  Any suggestions are absolutely welcome.

Hopefully Thursday is the day, but tomorrow would be great too!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Labor Frustrations

  1. EXERCISE BALL!! loved it. I sat on the exercise ball and played with the boys all the time. It was comfy for my back, and it helps open the pelvis, dilate and move baby’s head down. gently rocking or bouncing slightly helps too!! Good luck can’t wait for your news!

    • I was trying to find one in the basement the other day! Must have gotten misplaced in the move. In lieu of the ball, I am trying to sit on the edge of the couch and rock in the same way, but I’m sure the ball helps more. Oh well.

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