Breast Feeding- 3 Weeks In Update

I must say that although both boys are extremely similar as newborns, my breast feeding experience the second time around is going so much better than it had the first time with Jack.

Max had a fairly good latch from the get-go, where as Jack was lazy and didn’t really want to have to “work” to eat.  Jack, when he did latch, was never for long and the latch was TERRIBLE.

I also feel more comfortable nursing and am more patient to allow Max to learn how to eat and am more relaxed with when he eats and for how long, whereas my pediatricians had me come in for 2 weeks straight for weight checks with Jack.  It’s almost like they put the scare in me that made me so nervous and crazy about breast feeding which I think may have translated to low supply and not having the confidence to carry it through.

This time, and maybe because it is the second time around, Max had lost some weight since he was born, but my new pediatricians just asked that I supplement a bit of formula as they suspected that my stressful two weeks has done a number on my supply.  Just a few days after their reccomendation to keep nursing and pumping to rebuild supply, I am already feeling a difference in feedings with Max.  He has gone from eating every hour to every two hours to eating once every 3.5-4 hours. 🙂

I have a small stash built up so far, thanks to my Hygeia LBI pump, which I LOVE!  My next nursing investment will be one of those nursing bras designed specifically for pumping hands-free.  (Jack still doesn’t understand when I am pumping that I don’t have a free hand to read him a book as I do when I nurse Max)  The hands-free bra will also be wonderful for when I am pumping at work and wish to check e-mails and work on projects simultaneously!

Any other advice, suggestions or positive stories with breast feeding are very welcome!  So thrilled that it is working out this time!  I think my next major obstacle will be when I go back to work with pumping.  My office is understanding about nursing mothers, but often times, my day is completely filled with meetings that consume my day, so finding the time to pump may be a bit difficult.  Suggestions or advice for that is also welcome!


2 thoughts on “Breast Feeding- 3 Weeks In Update

  1. So glad nursing is going so well this time. Hope it continues! Being a breastfeeding working mommy is hard so my advice to you is don’t worry about volumes, keep up pumping as long as you can even if you have to supplement with formula a little while you are away from home any little bit of milk Max gets from you will benefit him no matter what the volume!

    • I am thrilled that it is going well. My lactation consultant recommended that I get Motherlove to help increase my supply to produce more to be able to give him enough to keep him satisfied. We will see how it goes, but I am thrilled that it has been going this well!

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