Max is One Month Old!

I am still having trouble processing the fact that the baby I had yesterday (well, it feels like yesterday) is already one month old!

Max is such a wonderful baby and mirrors Jack as a newborn in so many ways.  He is sweet, calm and doesn’t cry very much.  With his easy going attitude, he fits right in with our family.

At a month old, here is a snapshot of Max:

  • Smiles (not very often, but has smiled once or twice)
  • Starting to coo, especially after a bath or when playing with Mommy, Jack or Daddy
  • Is no longer wearing any newborn clothes and is wearing 3 months in Carter’s, 0-3 months for Baby Gap and Gymboree and 3-6 months in Kissy Kissy
  • Still in size 1 diapers
  • Having more wakeful periods but still eating every 2-3 hours.  The longest stretch between feedings is during the night where you will sometimes go about 4 hours between feedings.
  • You enjoy your swing, being held, watching Jack play, going for walks, riding in the car and lullabies.
  • You were fussing when Mommy brought you to her office, and a coworker of mine from Italy started speaking Italian to you, and you immediately stopped fussing and focused your attention on him.  The same happens when Jack sings to you.  🙂
  • You have only had a few select bottles since you have been born, but you absolutely prefer to nurse over everything.
  • Occasionally, you will take the bluffer and will sometimes hold it in your mouth with your fist!
  • We have a weight checkup tomorrow, so I will update that when we have your current weight, which I am guessing is around 9lbs, or close to 10lbs.

We are absolutely crazy for our Max!  So blessed!

Sweet little Max

July 18, 2012


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