Jack’s First Swimming Lesson

After taking Jack swimming at a friend’s pool a few weeks ago, Jack developed gills that day and swam alone, jumped into the pool, went underwater and began using his arms to move while kicking his legs.  I mentioned to Chris that I thought that it was time for swim lessons to help develop his skills.  Chris agreed.

So, off we went to our local community pool and registered Jack for his first solo swim lessons.  In the two weeks since registering, we have been talking about it and Jack has told everyone he sees that he is a big boy who is going to have swimming lessons.

This morning, I feed Max, pack up the bag and drive the boys over to the pool where several anxious children are waiting for their lessons.  Jack is excited and his looking forward to getting in the pool.  I am looking forward to leafing through my J.Crew catalogue and reading my Parents magazine during the 45 minute lesson.

When the lifeguard came over, Jack was a little apprehensive about going with her, but she was friendly and I assured him that I wouldn’t be far away.  Cue Jack freaking out that I am not getting in the pool and the hysteria begins.  So, for the 45 minute lesson, I stand on the steps in the pool, holding his hand, assuring him that all is ok and that I was right there with him.

Every now and then, the lifeguard got him into the pool and got him to blow bubbles, do ice cream scoops and kick his legs, but he lost it at the end and as begging to go home.  Fine, kid.  You win.

But we go back on Wednesday, Friday and Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week too.  So, maybe…I win.  🙂

Learning to kick (And yes, Jack refuses at any point to not wear shoes. Even in the house)

Kicking on the steps

Ice cream scoops!



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