Locked In

Chris and I met last Tuesday with our Mortgage broker to finalize everything and get our construction loan started.

The wait between choosing a lot, selecting a floor plan and coming to an agreement on price with our builder has been longer than I would have hoped, but I am glad that we are getting exactly what we want the way that we want it. And that in itself is worth the wait to me.

When the price and all of the details were final with our builder, we were finally able to lock in a rate with our mortgage company and settle on the paperwork.

After settling on the land a few weeks ago, it still didn’t feel real to us and the agreement with the builder on the specs and the contract didn’t feel real either. Reality, for me, set in once we see what the mortgage will be, etc… And the realization that this is truly happening. Our builder will be digging out and putting our foundation in in a few weeks. We will begin selecting doors, hardware and finalizing our cabinets and granite in our dream kitchen. (See the samples below!)

As Chris and I look over our floor plan and decide on which room will be the nursery, which will be Jack’s room and planning where furniture will be placed, the structure that will eventually be built is already feeling like home. My excitement to finally have this house to ourselves and to make it our own is not only keeping me busy, but it is also keeping my Pinterest page buzzing with tile ideas, gardening options, paint colors, and the list goes on!!

My thoughts wander to our new address and getting address labels done and watching the kids play on the cul-de-sac. Jack riding his bike in the driveway and Max playing in the baby pool in the backyard. These are moments that I can’t wait for.

Not having our furniture and items until we move into the house in early 2013 is a little nerve wracking as I go through the day wishing that I had something that is buried in storage. If I had $1 for each time that I have thought of something that I need or wanted, I would have about $100. Oh well, no sense in being upset about something that can’t change.


Our kitchen cabinets


Our granite


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