Max- Two Months

At two months old, here is a snapshot of Max:

  • Smiles all of the time!
  • Cooing at people and at mobile on the swing and on his floor gym.
  • He loves his floor gym and has begun swatting at the hanging toys
  • At his last weight check 2 weeks ago, he was already 11lbs, 12.5 ounces and healthy!
  • He is wearing 3 months in Carter’s, 0-3 months for Baby Gap and Gymboree.  We had to pack away all of the Kissy Kissy outfits in 3-6 months as they were all too small.  😦
  • Recently moved up to size 2 diapers, but could have moved up earlier but Mommy wanted to use up all of the size 1 diapers!  😉
  • Having more wakeful periods but still eating every 3 hours during the day.  You hold your concentration more and are really starting to focus.  You slept through the night twice 9pm-6am on August 8 and 9, but have not done it since.  Typically you wake once around 4am to nurse after you go down about 8:30-9:30pm and will wake up again about 7-7:30am to eat again.
  • You are now starting to hold onto things and enjoy exploring new textures that Mommy introduces you to.
  • Sounds are very interesting and usually will stop you right away as you open your eyes wide and focus on what is making the noise.
  • We have been giving you a bottle a bit more frequently to prepare you for when you start daycare next month.  Mommy has also been working on building up a nice supply for when that happens- pumping about 4oz either side in the morning!  Whoo hoo!
  • Still happy with your bluffer, but don’t take it all day long (thank goodness).
  • Right now, you are going through a little Mommy attachment phase where the only person who calms you down and the only person that you wish that will hold you is Mommy.  I am secretly loving this, but I know that it is important that you be willing to go to other people as well.
  • You can hold up your head when on your tummy for a while and is slowly getting longer and longer.  You have tummy time several times a day and you are happy to be on your tummy for close to 10 minutes at a time.


  • Socially smiling
  • Rolled from belly to tummy (twice!!) on Wednesday, August 14!  Before he was officially 2 months!!
  • Discovered hands and brings them to his mouth
  • Can support self while standing on legs
  • Holds head steady when being supported to sit or being held
  • Bats at toys

Super sweet at two months old


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