First Amusement Park Trip

About 45 minutes from where we live is a local amusement park that specializes in families and wholesomeness.  I have been there many, many times as a child and always had wonderful memories of the merry-go-round and my first roller coaster ride.  Just good, old fashioned fun.

Chris has never been to this park and neither has Jack, so we figured a beautiful Sunday of 82 degrees and sunny was as good a day as any to venture there.

Considering that I haven’t been there in well over 15 years, it was nostalgia all over again as we drove in the grassy field to park the car.  My father used to ride the rides with us and my mother would be off to the side snapping photos of my sisters and I having the time of our lives.

Jack was told before we left that we were going to a special park which had rides instead of monkey bars and slides and he was intrigued.

When we arrived, we all stopped and ate something as it was lunch time and we needed our strength!  After eating, it was time for Max’s lunch, so we sat on a bench in a shady area so that Max could eat and Chris and Jack were off to ride the rides!

Fireman Jack

Initially, Chris said that Jack wanted to get off the first ride as he was unsure, but after that, he was thrilled!  He loved the cars, the train, firetrucks, everything!  Chris was enjoying himself just as much!  So much so that when my in-laws are in again from California next week, Chris would love to bring them there for the day again.

On the kiddie ferris wheel

Jack has not stopped talking about the rides, especially the helicopters.  He had seen the helicopter ride and had said that he did not want to ride it as the helicopters went into the air.  We spent the day avoiding the ride only to get to the car while Jack cried about not riding the helicopters.  He has since said each day since, “Mommy, are we going to go to the special park to ride the helicopters today?!”  It looks like he will give it another try if we go back again soon.

Captain Jack

We were all overdue for a family day together, so I am glad that we dropped everything and spent this day together!

Oh, and Max was wonderful!  He was happy to be in the carrier and occasionally in the double stroller as we navigated the park.  So well behaved!

Max watching big brother on the rides

I absolutely cherish these family days!

Taking a cruise with Daddy

Max- Two Months

At two months old, here is a snapshot of Max:

  • Smiles all of the time!
  • Cooing at people and at mobile on the swing and on his floor gym.
  • He loves his floor gym and has begun swatting at the hanging toys
  • At his last weight check 2 weeks ago, he was already 11lbs, 12.5 ounces and healthy!
  • He is wearing 3 months in Carter’s, 0-3 months for Baby Gap and Gymboree.  We had to pack away all of the Kissy Kissy outfits in 3-6 months as they were all too small.  😦
  • Recently moved up to size 2 diapers, but could have moved up earlier but Mommy wanted to use up all of the size 1 diapers!  😉
  • Having more wakeful periods but still eating every 3 hours during the day.  You hold your concentration more and are really starting to focus.  You slept through the night twice 9pm-6am on August 8 and 9, but have not done it since.  Typically you wake once around 4am to nurse after you go down about 8:30-9:30pm and will wake up again about 7-7:30am to eat again.
  • You are now starting to hold onto things and enjoy exploring new textures that Mommy introduces you to.
  • Sounds are very interesting and usually will stop you right away as you open your eyes wide and focus on what is making the noise.
  • We have been giving you a bottle a bit more frequently to prepare you for when you start daycare next month.  Mommy has also been working on building up a nice supply for when that happens- pumping about 4oz either side in the morning!  Whoo hoo!
  • Still happy with your bluffer, but don’t take it all day long (thank goodness).
  • Right now, you are going through a little Mommy attachment phase where the only person who calms you down and the only person that you wish that will hold you is Mommy.  I am secretly loving this, but I know that it is important that you be willing to go to other people as well.
  • You can hold up your head when on your tummy for a while and is slowly getting longer and longer.  You have tummy time several times a day and you are happy to be on your tummy for close to 10 minutes at a time.


  • Socially smiling
  • Rolled from belly to tummy (twice!!) on Wednesday, August 14!  Before he was officially 2 months!!
  • Discovered hands and brings them to his mouth
  • Can support self while standing on legs
  • Holds head steady when being supported to sit or being held
  • Bats at toys

Super sweet at two months old

Max’s Baptism

On Sunday, August 5, we took our sweet boy over to St. Ignatius Church with our family and friends to have him baptized.

As it was a 90+ degree day with exceptionally high humidity, a few scattered rain showers and thunderstorms popped up, but never took away the humidity.

It was so wonderful for my family to drive in from New Jersey to celebrate with us!  It was also their first time to meet Max and to see Jack for the first time in a few months, so there was a lot of catching up to be had.

As Max was 6 weeks old, he had a growth spurt this past week and was eating more and a little bit more fussy than usual, but the day of the baptism, he woke up with a smile on his face and was happy all day long.

Our friend Father Kelly returned from his vacation to come down to his old parish to baptize Max.

Max wore the heirloom christening gown that my mother, uncles, cousins, sisters, Jack and I wore.  The beautiful Irish linen gown is close to 100 years old and is extremely delicate, so we opted to dress him at the church.

His Godmother, Colleen and I dressed him, which brought back many memories of my mother dressing Jack in the gown two and a half years prior.

As we were waiting for a few other people to arrive at the church, we decided to take all of the pictures with the family, etc… ahead of time.  Max’s Godfather, Jeff and Colleen posed for pictures and we also made sure to get the whole family together for one big family shot for the first time in a long time.

Jack loved playing and sitting with his cousins and we were all very glad to spend time together and laugh.

Max was very good during the baptism, and when it came time for Father Kelly to pour the water over his head, he literally moved his head side to side in delight as he poured the water.  Looks like we may have another water baby on our hands!

Following the baptism, we all headed back to my mother’s house for a little luncheon.  We enjoyed lunch and of course, the children were anxious to get to the cake.

Two friends of mine so graciously offered to spend the Friday of the baptism weekend to bake a cake from scratch and to make my Aunt’s famous icing for our celebration.  As I do not have one cooking or baking bone in my body, I was absolutely nervous, but we did a fabulous job!  My Aunt who makes the famous icing also had some of the cake and said that we hit the nail on the head and that it was delicious!  We were thrilled!

It was a lovely day and a wonderful little celebration for our Max!  May God bless him always.

Max is One Month Old!

I am still having trouble processing the fact that the baby I had yesterday (well, it feels like yesterday) is already one month old!

Max is such a wonderful baby and mirrors Jack as a newborn in so many ways.  He is sweet, calm and doesn’t cry very much.  With his easy going attitude, he fits right in with our family.

At a month old, here is a snapshot of Max:

  • Smiles (not very often, but has smiled once or twice)
  • Starting to coo, especially after a bath or when playing with Mommy, Jack or Daddy
  • Is no longer wearing any newborn clothes and is wearing 3 months in Carter’s, 0-3 months for Baby Gap and Gymboree and 3-6 months in Kissy Kissy
  • Still in size 1 diapers
  • Having more wakeful periods but still eating every 2-3 hours.  The longest stretch between feedings is during the night where you will sometimes go about 4 hours between feedings.
  • You enjoy your swing, being held, watching Jack play, going for walks, riding in the car and lullabies.
  • You were fussing when Mommy brought you to her office, and a coworker of mine from Italy started speaking Italian to you, and you immediately stopped fussing and focused your attention on him.  The same happens when Jack sings to you.  🙂
  • You have only had a few select bottles since you have been born, but you absolutely prefer to nurse over everything.
  • Occasionally, you will take the bluffer and will sometimes hold it in your mouth with your fist!
  • We have a weight checkup tomorrow, so I will update that when we have your current weight, which I am guessing is around 9lbs, or close to 10lbs.

We are absolutely crazy for our Max!  So blessed!

Sweet little Max

July 18, 2012

Summer Update

Max is almost a month old, and we have finally taken Jack swimming in a real pool, gone for walks with the kids until we thought that our legs would fall off, and just enjoyed time with the boys.

Jack swimming with Daddy

Chris and I agree that it feels like Max has been a part of this family since day one and we can barely remember what life was like before he came along.  I can’t say that our family feels complete and that we wouldn’t add at least one more child to our growing family because I absolutely would in a heartbeat.

Daddy and Max taking a little nap

Jack is still loving going to school a few days a week and being home with Max and I for a few days as well.  We are getting on a schedule with Max, which means that it is all going to change after I publish this post, but I’m sure it will all be fine.

As I see all of my Mom’s flowers blooming in the backyard, I am reminded that she is here with us and watching us always.  Jack still asks for her and uses a play phone to call her and talk to her.  When he asks for her, he now completes his sentence with “Mom is sleeping a special sleep in a special bed.  I miss Mom.”

Chris and I have officially settled on the land for where we will build our house and just signed the contracts last week for the plans on the house.  The construction loan process begins now and we should be living in this house in about 180 days or less.  6 months until we are in our own home again, and I am looking forward to it.  Decorating, budgeting, unpacking…it is going to feel so new again and I couldn’t be more excited!

Speaking of packing, I have been working on bits and pieces of cleaning out my Mom’s house since May.  It has been a long and sad process, but it absolutely needs to be done.  The time is coming where everyone needs to choose what they want, what goes in the trash, what will be donated and what will be sold in the estate sale.  My goal is to complete the full clean out before our house is done because once we are in our new house, I want to be able to focus my time and energy on that.  We are still not sure about when the house will officially go on the market, but I am hoping to list it sooner rather than later.

I’m already dreading going back to work and leaving Max at daycare.  It breaks my heart that I can’t be with him all of the time, but I know that we are making the best decision that we can to better our children.  They will both be well-rounded, independent adults someday with all of the tools and knowledge to be successful.  That is the greatest gift that I can give them.

My friend Pam made these great shirts for the boys and I was so excited to have them both wear their shirts today.  So adorable!  Check out her shop on Etsy by clicking here.

Brotherly love

Baby brother Max (4 weeks)

Big brother Jack- (2 years, 7 months)




Fourth of July 2012

Max got up with the sun for his first holiday and was soon followed by big brother Jack.  After a quick breakfast and letting Daddy sleep in for a little while longer, we got the boys dressed in their red, white and blue outfits and off we went for a walk before it became ungodly hot.

We ended up stopping at our friend’s house for a quick hello which turned into spending the majority of the day with them.  It was very nice to relax, let the kids play, talk for a while and soak up the air conditioning instead of spending the time out in the hot and humid air.

Our friends were heading to a party and we decided to get the kids home and off to bed at a decent hour as Jack is terrified of the sound that fireworks make and to alleviate the crying and late bedtime, if he would just go to sleep, we wouldn’t have the hysteria when the fireworks started.  Our plan didn’t work out, but at least we tried.  😉

Jack and Max enjoyed a few sparklers before bed, and that was the extent of our day.  Not very exciting, but that was the best part.  Just a day to enjoy and take it easy.  Exactly what the doctor ordered!

The patriotic boys

Jack loves his baby brother!

Jack in his red, white and blue

Max in his red, white and blue




Bath Time!

Max had his first sponge bath a few weeks ago followed by his first real bath a few days later.  Although I was diligent with putting the alcohol around the cord stump, Max held onto his for about 2 1/2 weeks after he was born.  A part of me is always a little sad when the umbilical stump falls off but a larger part of me is thrilled to be able to submerge them in water and give them a good cleaning.

Although the following pictures are of Max screaming and crying, I can assure you that he now loves his bath and is cooing and happy throughout when it is time for another bath.

Jack gets in to help

Someone is not happy

Almost done

All wrapped up!




Breast Feeding- 3 Weeks In Update

I must say that although both boys are extremely similar as newborns, my breast feeding experience the second time around is going so much better than it had the first time with Jack.

Max had a fairly good latch from the get-go, where as Jack was lazy and didn’t really want to have to “work” to eat.  Jack, when he did latch, was never for long and the latch was TERRIBLE.

I also feel more comfortable nursing and am more patient to allow Max to learn how to eat and am more relaxed with when he eats and for how long, whereas my pediatricians had me come in for 2 weeks straight for weight checks with Jack.  It’s almost like they put the scare in me that made me so nervous and crazy about breast feeding which I think may have translated to low supply and not having the confidence to carry it through.

This time, and maybe because it is the second time around, Max had lost some weight since he was born, but my new pediatricians just asked that I supplement a bit of formula as they suspected that my stressful two weeks has done a number on my supply.  Just a few days after their reccomendation to keep nursing and pumping to rebuild supply, I am already feeling a difference in feedings with Max.  He has gone from eating every hour to every two hours to eating once every 3.5-4 hours. 🙂

I have a small stash built up so far, thanks to my Hygeia LBI pump, which I LOVE!  My next nursing investment will be one of those nursing bras designed specifically for pumping hands-free.  (Jack still doesn’t understand when I am pumping that I don’t have a free hand to read him a book as I do when I nurse Max)  The hands-free bra will also be wonderful for when I am pumping at work and wish to check e-mails and work on projects simultaneously!

Any other advice, suggestions or positive stories with breast feeding are very welcome!  So thrilled that it is working out this time!  I think my next major obstacle will be when I go back to work with pumping.  My office is understanding about nursing mothers, but often times, my day is completely filled with meetings that consume my day, so finding the time to pump may be a bit difficult.  Suggestions or advice for that is also welcome!

Max is Two Weeks Old

I’m a little behind on my posts, but Max has had a busy two weeks of life! Lots of visitors and lost sleep, but all are wonderful little things to anticipate with a new baby.

Max has been phenominal with eating, sleeping and truly doesn’t cry unless he’s not happy with something. We are just praying that he stays this wonderful!

Transitioning from one child to two hasn’t been too difficult so far, but it can be very trying when I am nursing Max and Jack decides to roam the house or that he needs me to play with him that minute. Jack has been pretty understanding about me having to sit and feed Max and I will usually ask Jack to bring some books that we can read together while he eats.

A typical morning will be me waking around 6:00am or so, showering, Jack will then get up, diapering everyone, nursing Max for about an hour, cooking breakfast for Jack, getting the kids dressed, and then it is usually around 10:30am and I am already ready for a nap! But then, before we can go anywhere, Max is starving again and I am nursing him for another hour. The lunch, naps and me cleaning the house and doing chores while the littles nap. I laugh when Chris comes home and asks me about my day and what had happened.

Planning anything in the coming weeks will take a lot of skill and patience, however I’m sure it will be easier with Chris home to help get the boys dressed, etc… My promptness for arriving on time will probably be challenged a bit with the two littles and all that comes with having a newborn. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. 🙂

This past week, I took both boys to the pediatrician for their checkups. Max went for a weight check and Jack for his two and a half year checkup. Below is the information for both of them:

Max’s stats:

21.5 inches long (Can we say holy growth spurt?!)

7lbs, 13oz (He has been losing weight and I nurse him every 2-3 hours, so we have to supplement a bit until we get his weight up)

He still has the beautiful dark blue newborn eyes, dark hair and beautiful coloring to his skin. I could just eat him!

Considering all that has been happening, he is such a sweet and easy going baby. He only cries when hungry or when he wants to be held. Dirty diapers don’t phase him and he just enjoys being with people. Such a good baby!

As far as clothing goes, he has me packing away his newborn clothes, and some 0-3 months Kissy Kissy sleepers already! He’s definitely not as chubby as Jack was. He is going more for long beanpole at this point. I’m sure he will be packing on the pounds in no time. 😉

Jack’s stats:

37 inches long (He’s already the size of a 3 year old!)

30.2 pounds (Growing strong)

He is healthy as can be and still keeps his long and lean frame.

The doctor said that he doesn’t need to see him again until December for his three year checkup other than a quick visit for a flu shot in the fall.

So blessed that both of them are happy and healthy!