Wordless Wednesday: A Snow Day

Here are some pictures from our snow day on 1/12/11.

The snow covered trees on our street

Aunt Kate feeding Jack some fresh snow

Pink cheeks!

Jack and Mommy in the snow


As a Mom of an (almost) 11 month old, I find that so many memories are seeming to slip through the cracks, and instead of chasing Jack around all day long with a video camera, I figure that it would be better to write down some of the highlights.  So, here goes nothing.

A bit of a background, if you will:

My name is Molly (Mallaidh on Twitter) and I have been married to Chris for 2.5 years (6+ years of dating).  We have a beautiful son, Jack who is the light of our lives.  I mean, what child isn’t?  Jack was born on December 9, 2009 at a healthy 8lbs, 13oz and 20.5 inches long.

Our current situation is that we are now living in Northeastern Pennsylvania with my Mom while she battles Stage 4 Cervical Cancer.  Our former home in Philly is for sale (fingers crossed for a buyer!) and Chris is now working for a new company up here.  I am still looking for employment but am cherishing the time I am having at home with my Mom and Jack.

Nothing makes me happier than Chris, Jack and the rest of my family.  I hope that you will enjoy learning more about us as we continue on through our lives.

Here is a photo from us last week on Halloween:

Jack's First Halloween