My New P90 Journey: Move It & Lose It!

Since birthing an 8lb, 13oz baby boy 15 months ago, I have been pretty lax about what I eat and to be honest, I haven’t really been paying attention to the scale.

When I was pregnant, I gained a whopping 28 pounds overall and had pretty much lost all but 5 pounds 2 weeks after having Jack.  (I blame the fluid)

Anywho, we recently booked our flight to Myrtle Beach for a lovely vacation with my in-laws in July, and instead of wanting to crawl under a rock and die while walking across the sand as the palest person there, I figured I would look good as the palest person.

Before getting pregnant and after getting married, Chris and I had our share of fun.  Nights at the bar, dinners at nice restaurants, ice cream before bed, and it all seemed to catch up with us pretty quickly.  We joke and say that we didn’t pay attention now that we were married.

Now, I know that I will never don another bikini at the beach or at the pool (thanks, stretch marks in my 37th and 38th week of pregnancy), but that doesn’t mean I am destined to wear a parka to hide everything either.  I should be proud to wear a J.Crew bathing suit as I chase Jack on the beach and help him dig in the sand.

We had started P90 last summer, but we stopped doing it because Chris moved to the mountains for his new job, and I was essentially a single working Mom in Philly with no time for anything.

The plan: I am going to commit myself to doing the 30-45 minute videos once a day along with my Weight Watchers program to lose the extra 25-30 pounds that I have been toting around since college.

An added bonus?  When we decide to have another baby, I will have less weight to lose and I will be a healthier Mom for it!

The plan is to walk when the weather allows for it for as long as Jack is not frozen to keep up momentum.

My bonus for losing these extra pounds?  Five, yes FIVE pairs of Sevens, Citizens and True Religion jeans that I have not been able to wear since having Jack. Essentially, my wardrobe will double and possibly even triple!!

My weight is almost evenly distributed over my body, but I would love to lose some pounds from my chest, thighs, hips, rear end, and my belly.  However, I am frightened to see more sagging skin in my belly area.  It is just something that has to be done.

I know my hubs will take heart when I walk out on the beach this summer in a tankini with Jack in tow as we run for the waves.  Lets see what 90 days can do!  It’s all about choices, portion control, exercise, and muscle confusion.  Tony Horton, I dare you to make my body beach worthy.