Revlon Womentum 5K in NYC

After speaking with my girlfriend, Lindsay, she mentioned that we may want to join them for the Revlon 5K in Manhattan because it was coincidentally the same weekend that we were planning on going into the city to visit my sister, Colleen.  The race is a run/walk, however, participants who will be pushing strollers are asked to walk the race as not to run into other people at 5 MPH.  Ouch.

We all got our little bums out of bed at the crack of 6:45 to get out the door and on the train in time for the start of the race.  Jack was anything but happy about the early wakeup, but I assured him that it was to end women’s cancers and he was all “Oh then that’s cool.”  Such an easy-going toddler.

For anyone who has ever stood smack dab in the middle of Times Square, you know that it is chaotic, busy, packed with people and noisy.  Well, add almost 25,000 runners and walkers for a race, celebrity onlookers (Jimmy Fallon, Jessica Alba, Dr. Oz, and Nate Berkus anyone?) and it is a freaking mess.  We stood up against one the two TGIFridays windows as we were being smushed by people walking by and group teams who decided to park it and wait for their teams on the sidewalk.  Umm…no dice.

Getting ready to race

Jack is ready to go!

We met up with two of our other friends who were running in the race, but unfortunately, we could not meet with our friends Lindsay, Mark and baby Greg who we planned on walking with before the race began.  Thanks to cell phones and creative barrier hopping with a stroller, we met them at the start and were on our way!  Granted, we started the race late, so we didn’t hit the 1 mile marker until around 35 minutes, but we were also trying to keep up with the crowd and the thousands of walkers around us.

Kevin, Chris and Beth before the start

The Start

The 5K this year was a bit shorter than previous years due to construction in the park and other chaos.  Which is just as well because Jack was finished with riding in the stroller.

We totally took our time

After a few pit stops for diaper changes in central park, photos of the group and helping Lindsay get situated to nurse baby Greg in the Ergo while doing a 5K while giving directions and while talking on the phone (multitasking at its best!), we were thrilled to cross the finish line with a sense of accomplishment.

Our Family in Central Park

We as a family participated in support of my Mom who is still battling Stage 4 Cervical Cancer, and even Jack’s stroller got its own special sign.

Jack's sign for the race

It was a beautiful day of camaraderie and people coming together to end such a horrible disease.  Hopefully the money raised will help to eradicate all women’s cancers so that no other women will have to endure awful chemotherapy, radiation, mastectomies, and deaths from any of these diseases.  No other families will ever be changed for the worst with having to grow up without a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin or friend.

Jared, Colleen, Chris, Jack and I at the finish line

The Family at the Finish Line

We just did our part to say that we won’t stand for this and that we have the Womentum to fight until all women’s cancers are no more.

Jack and his medal

Additionally…can I just say that it was awesome to turn around in Central Park steps away from the Finish line and see Jimmy Fallon walking with us?!

Jimmy Fallon!!

Steppin’ Out Saturday: Farm & Dairy Edition

In the midst of fighting whatever-it-is-in-my-belly, I actually felt like Lazarus on Sunday and decided that if I was well enough to go to mass, then I was well enough to go spend the day outdoors with my family.  (Although I am back in the throes of the stomach thing again as of Monday morning)

We had such beautiful weather (almost 60 degrees) and the girls I used to babysit for were performing their Irish step dance to benefit a local health clinic, so we packed up and headed over to see them dance.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get a photo of them dancing between trying to coax Jack to sit still and be quiet and from collecting stray Goldfish from the floor.  🙂

On a side note, there was an adult Irish step class who performed at the show, and when I say adult, I don’t mean ages 18-20.  Many of these women were in their 30’s and some even in their late 40’s!  It has always been a dream of mine to do Irish step, so maybe I will look into signing up for a class.  🙂

We were also out of milk for the house, so a trip to the dairy was in order.  Since it was such a beautiful and sunny day, we decided to see some of the new calves in the barn.

One week old calf

New calves

The new calves ranges from a week or so old to 3 months old.  And I thought newborns grew quickly!  These cows put human growth to shame!

Among the “moos” and licks all around, Jack mimicked the cows and their mooing and thought the tongues that just seemed to keep coming at us were a hoot!

We headed over to the milking barn where many of the cows were getting ready to be milked and were being whisked in from the fields.  These are mainly grass-fed cows there, so the milk, ice cream and the meat are truly organic (and local!)

Outside the barn

On our way from the barn, we stopped to see the horses and the pony as they rolled on the grass and came by the fence for a few hellos.

Looking at the horses with Daddy

Jack and Mommy looking at the horses

Mommy’s Outfit: Coat- J.Crew, Cardigan- J.Crew, Cami- Banana Republic, Denim- J.Crew Matchstick denim, Wellies- Hunter

Jack’s Outfit: Coat: Target, shirt- Baby Gap, Denim- Baby Gap, Shoes- Stride Rite

After we left the horses, we headed into the dairy for our milk and a little ice cream treat!  Jack had the vanilla with rainbow sprinkles!  He absolutely LOVED it!!!!

Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles!

The dairy had some sirloin steaks also, so we picked up two of those, our milk and headed for the car.  We were greeted by a few roosters who came to say goodbye before we left.  One crowed at us, which Jack found to be HILARIOUS!

Chasing roosters

It was just a fabulous day with the family.  Oh, and those steaks?  Everyone who had some (I don’t eat meat) said that they were delicious!  And the dogs didn’t mind some steak bones either!

Grass fed beef

Bailey with her steak bone

Oh, and there will be plenty more photos and stories from Hillside Farms this summer.  They have great events (sheep shearing anyone?) and a lot of fun and educational events throughout the year.  We love Hillside!

Steppin’ Out Saturday {5}

This Saturday, we ran some errands, did some shopping and spent time with Aunt Colleen, Uncle Jared and Uncle Chris.

Trying to get a picture of the two of us. FAIL

Boot hands!!!

Boots on Hands: Gymboree

Handsome boy

On Jack:

Onesie: Gerber

Zip-up Sweater- Crewcuts by J.Crew (on sale now)

Denim: Baby Gap

Runners: Eric Carle by Stride Rite



On Mommy:

Sweater: Banana Republic from about 5 years ago

Denim: Gap Long & Lean

Ballet flats: Tory Burch

Stepping Out Saturday {4}

On Saturday, we headed down to our friend’s house outside of Philly for a day of fun and a play date with their boys.  Long story short, the day itself was filled with mass chaos, shopping, planning for her 3rd baby due in July and having beers at a local ale house.  It was an awesome day, and even though I brought my camera, we never took one picture.

So, on Sunday, Jack and I were heading to Ryan’s First Birthday party, so we took our SOS pics on Sunday.  (Shh!  Don’t tell anyone)

Mommy and Jack- he wasn't into taking a picture with me

Jack was a little miserable today due to the 4 molars that he is cutting right now, so some of these pictures were completely at his discretion.

Mommy’s Outfit:

T-shirt: Gap Favorite T

Sweater: 360 Sweater from a local boutique

Denim: Target

Boots: Frye (LOVE these!!)

Jack’s Outfit:

Sweater: Ralph Lauren Polo Children

Denim: Gap Skinny jeans

Shoes: Jack Purcell by Converse

Loves playing with his cars.

And, as a special treat this week, my insanely handsome hubs is participating in SOS!

Chris’ Outfit:

Shirt: J.Crew

Belt: Kenneth Cole

Denim: Gap denim

Boots: Kenneth Cole


Hope you enjoyed our outfits this week!  🙂

Stepping Out Saturday {3}

This Saturday, Chris, Jack and I headed out to dinner with Colleen and Jared to dinner at Bistro.  Jack was great until we finally sat down and then began to lose it.  (His molars are coming in and making him crazy)  So, I told them my order and that I would be back to pick them up when they were finished.  (Hence the two pictures)

My outfit was my Saturday night outfit, but amidst Jack’s meltdown, I felt that I should wait and take a picture of him on Sunday before mass.

Cami: Banana Republic from 5 years ago

Cardigan: J.Crew from Christmas Note: You can’t really tell in this pic, but the pockets have sequins!  LOVE!

Denim: Target; William Rast skinny jeans (on sale now for $25!!)

Wellies: Hunter (my newest deal!  Got them at the Lord & Taylor Outlet for $43!  WIN!)

Button down: Hand-me down from friend of the family, but the tag says Children’s Place

Sweater: Baby Gap from this fall/winter line

Chinos: Baby Gap from the fall/winter line

Sneakers: Jack Purcell by Converse

So although the plan was to actually go out to eat food with other grownups amongst a toddler, I at least made it to the restaurant and had a sip of my beer before leaving.  Hopefully this Saturday will be a different story.