This Week in iPhone Photos {week 1}

This week was pretty low key, to say in the least.  We spent the majority of our Sunday at a friend’s son’s First birthday party, but Jack has been cutting all 4 molars, so we stepped out a bit early due to the crying.  Poor little guy!

After the party, we headed to the local Dairy for this week’s milk and for a bit of fresh ice cream for Jack’s gums.  He loved the ice cream, but he went wild for the chickens outside after our dessert!

Jack having some ice cream at Hillside

Chicken coop

Monday was Valentine’s Day, so Jack and I decked ourselves out in red, ran some errands, played with toys, danced and had tickle fights.  It was awesome!  Daddy came home from work and we had a great night in with a pizza and cuddles with Jack.

My Valentine

After all of the chocolates and cards from my two favorite Valentines on Monday, Jack and I decided to get up and run around like lunatics go to Mommy and Me.  Jack loves running (well, semi-running) after the kids and playing with the toys.  Admittedly, it was not the best day at Mommy and Me, and due to some very rude Moms, we may not ever return.

Running around at Mommy and Me

Wednesday was a low key day.  We played in the morning, went to the grocery store and went for a quick walk around the block before dinner.  Just a great Mommy and Jack day.

Loves balloons

We finally had a huge break in the winter weather that we have been having and the temperature creeped up to 60 degrees!  It felt like summer compared to the sub zero temps that we have been seeing around here.  The snow is melting, and there is a tiny bit of grass peeking out from underneath the snow.  After doing some grown up work for Mommy and a nap for Jack, we went outside for a few hours to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  We walked, pushed carts, sat in the mud, got changed and then went for a long walk in the Bugaboo.  Yes, there was still a ton of snow on the ground, but that stroller’s wheels ride through it all.

Loves pushing the cart

Friday finally came!  Thank goodness!  I have been waiting for Friday all week!  Aunt Colleen and Uncle Chris and Meatloaf are coming in from Brooklyn and the world will be awesome again!  Plus, it is one more beautiful day with temps near 60, which meant a lot of time spent outdoors on the sidewalk.  We tried to go to the park to swing on the swings, but there is still a half foot of snow all over the playground, so after some inspiration from Suzanne at BebehBlog, we stopped at Target and bought a bubble machine and played out on the sidewalk.  Unfortunately, the melting snow has made the grass too muddy to play in, so we played and rode around in the car on the sidewalk.


We all rolled out of bed and had a slow start on getting out the door.  Besides running errands, we got some great fall clothes at Baby Gap for 44% off!  We had a nice lunch with Aunt Colleen, Uncle Jared and Uncle Chris at La Tolteca!  Afterwards, Jack had a nice long nap and then we played on the floor for a while while the adults watched movies.  Just a nice, casual Saturday with the family.

You lookin' at me?