Wordless Wednesday {17}

Last photo before we drive to the hospital. Also? Can you tell that I carry all in the front? 🙂

I have been feeling a bit nostalgic lately when talking to my friend Andrea about the baby boy that she is expecting this July.  The thought that the tiny sleepers and onesies will fit the little baby inside of this belly.  It still just boggles my mind.

So, here are some vintage Jack photos to bring me back.

So tiny

First true family photo

Was he ever really this tiny?!

Wordless Wednesday {9}

While snapping pictures of Jack for Kenneth Cole (he is one of their fit models), I was watching him as he walked around the room and taking photos and thinking about how the shoes fit.  He stopped and posed like this:

We may have a future model on our hands

And the shoes?  Expect them at Target this fall, I believe.  (Kenneth Cole does some outfits and shoes for Merona and Cherokee)

Wordless Wednesday {8}

In front of the tree in Rockefeller Center in Manhattan

While organizing photos last night in iPhoto, I came across this picture.  It is by far one of my favorite pictures of Chris and I, even though it was taken by a camera phone.

This was life pre-Jack, which is a life that I can no longer imagine without Jack in it.  It was also before we found out that my mother would be diagnosed with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer.

We took a weekend trip to New York City to visit Colleen and to see some of the Christmas festivities, one being the Tree.  We were newlyweds with the gleam in our eyes and getting caught up in the Christmas spirit.  I just love this picture.