Nearing the End

After a great appointment with the doctor on Monday (I got myself crazy over nothing), we are ready to finally meet this baby!

Baby G2’s heartbeat is strong and although his movement has slowed and is not as dramatic, he is still growing and seems to be happy in there, for now.

My OBGYN checked me also on Monday, and I am currently 2cm dilated, +1 station and 50% effaced.  So, what does this all mean?  The doctor said the baby can come any time he decides to make his appearance.  It could be tonight, tomorrow, next week, etc…  He did also mention that the baby is already measuring big (44cm belly measurement) and he wouldn’t want him to grow much larger than Jack to ensure that he could be born vaginally.  I personally wouldn’t care for that either.

So, we scheduled another appointment for next Monday morning, and my hope is that the doctor just tells me that we will schedule an induction, if I don’t go naturally before then.  The contractions are still strong and are mostly timeable, but they seem to go away after a while, but the pain is pretty good with these.

Something that I don’t remember is feeling all of this pressure in my bottom.  I sometimes feel like I am sitting on the baby a bit and have the very sharp pains in my bottom that practically make me jump out of my chair.  (Always funny to see in a meeting at work)

The other concern is that Jack came pretty quickly and that I would probably go quicker this time than I did with him.  Labor with Jack was from 9:00am when they broke my water and started the pitocin and Jack was born at 3:50pm that afternoon!  Quick for a first delivery!

My heartburn has kicked back up a notch recently, which is funny as the baby is descending and not ascending.  Even Gatorade gave me a terrible case of heartburn the other night!

Other possible labor-type symptoms:

  • Lots of lower back pain
  • Increased frequency to use the facilities
  • Constant pressure in my pelvis and bottom
  • Small amount of additional fluid retention
  • Slowdown of weight gain and lack of interest in eating
  • Lightening has definitely happened
  • Tired all of the time- exhausted explains this well!

A few friends keep recommending that we begin with the Old Wives Tales to get labor revved up, but so far, we haven’t done anything to try and get labor started.

So, what are your thoughts?  Should we host a little baby pool on the old blog and see who is right?  I will say that it would be pretty cool to have the baby next Wednesday (June 13) as it will be my 30th birthday and my sister Lisa’s 44th birthday!

2 thoughts on “Nearing the End

  1. 🙂 he’s waiting for the 13th! Can’t wait to hear your news so exciting! Your labor with Jack sounds like mine with CJ and Nathan….Lily was even faster she was born less than 2 hours after they broke my water.

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